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Fariah’s Studio Creates Art to Support an Athlete in Sport


Fariah’s Studio came to life after the loss of a dream with my exquisite dressage partner; La Fariah. In coping with the decision to retire her from sport, I discovered my passion for painting. My father was an artist, my mother collects art, as riders we create art daily. But, creating tangible art that adds to your personal decor has truly become a passion of mine. Painting not only adds balance to my life of intensive training, teaching, and competition, painting helps me support Fariah and her future foals, as well as my other competition horses Iquem and La Formidable B. Having this creative outlet reminds me that anything is possible and we are solely responsible for making our dreams a reality. 

I hope you enjoy my artwork! There are a few below and the rest are within the ‘shop’ section above! 

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For many of us Covid has been a life altering experience. For some of us it has been devastating, for others it has simply changed our daily routines, but for many of us it has forced us to recreate ourselves.  Most of us have experienced a metamorphosis. We have been forced to re-evaluate how we choose to live our daily lives and how we choose to face our personal challenges, and in turn it has brought us sadness and joy in ways we have never expected before. Fariah’s Studio started in March of 2020 without a plan, without a path, but soon after created a new dream, a new idea, a new goal that has given me a new meaning. I have discovered I can have a more balanced and purposeful life and hopefully, someday will achieve my lifelong dreams as a result.

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My Mission

At Fariah’s Studio, my mission is to create art that adds to your home’s decor, your personal living space, your daily life. My goal is to create art that enlightens your soul and your heart when you walk in your door knowing that you are helping to support an athlete with Olympic dreams and International goals.

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Artistic Values

I don’t consider myself an artist, just like I don’t consider everyone that sits on the back of a horse a rider. But, with the desire to educate, talent arises. 

I find great joy in learning how different paint mediums react with one another. How the different paints feel to use; how they blend, and even how forgiving or temperamental the different mediums are in comparison to one another down to the science behind the conditions they need to properly dry. I love to experiment with different techniques and continue to learn.  It is so fascinating to me and just like riding, my education will never end.

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Interested in a piece? Contact Rebecca via email including or give her a call. Shipping is free anywhere in the world up to $500! 


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